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A third generation drummer and percussionist, Jeremy’s Chicago upbringing afforded him plenty of musical stimuli – from records in the family's house to live performances at the Windy City’s great festivals, he was soaking it all up.

Like most musicians, Jeremy began on one instrument, moved to another, and yet another, before finding his place on drums. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and moved to Milwaukee after a year spent in Phoenix, Arizona. Jeremy keeps busy with as many musical involvements and side projects as possible. Current involvements include Kings Go Forth (luaka bop), De La Buena, Jamie Brewick's Choir Fight, The Erotic Adventures of The Static Chicken, The Kuzniar-Trudell Twisted Pair Duo (organ drum jazz/funk improv duo), Bob Toilet (industro-cosmic breakbeat), and many others.

In addition to a full-time playing schedule, Jeremy co-owns an operates a commercial recording studio in downtown Milwaukee, WI - Nutone Studio.

photo credit: art montes
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